Essential equipment for patients living in power outage prone locations. No more waking up by power outages with CPAP or BiPap therapies! Just plug in 24/7 and put under the nightstand. Support heated humidifier and heated tube comfort features. Patients can choose between 3 battery capacity options depending on their favorite settings. Very versatile for power outages and can also run lift chairs, lift stairs, TV, lights, internet modems, laptops, and phones to stay connected. With advanced Online Double Conversion UPS, they have Automatic Zero-Time Switch and provide the best power protection. Work with all brands and models of CPAP and BiPap machines without special adapters and converters. Panasonic cells are used, as in premium Tesla vehicles, to provide the best quality and reliability. All models include an universal wall charger and a fast 45W car charger. Two options of Zopec PHOTONS Solar Chargers for extended power outages.
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