Prescription Policy

How to Send Us Your Prescription?

Please scan or take a picture of your prescription and email it to us at:


When Is a Prescription Required?

  • Purchase of prescription required products. See below list:
    • CPAP/APAP/Bilevel machines
    • CPAP Heated Humidifiers
    • Complete CPAP mask systems without assembly required. (this requirement can be avoided with assembly, contact us for more details)
  • Product will not ship until we receive your prescription.

    When Is a Prescription NOT Required?

    • Purchase of non-prescription required products. See below list:
      • Protective Masks: N95/KN95 Masks, disposable surgical masks
      • UVC/Ozone Sterilizers. 
      • Headgears, Replacement Cushions, Air Filters, CPAP Batteries.
    • International Orders shipping out of the United States.
    • For resale purchases, a resale certificate is required.

    What Needs to Be on My Prescription?

    We will accept a prescription signed by any of the following types of healthcare providers:
    • Family or Primary Care Doctor (M.D.)
    • Any Medical Doctor (M.D.) or Psychiatrist
    • Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.)
    • Physician's Assistant (P.A.)
    • Nurse Practitioner (N.P.)
    • Dentist (D.D.S) or Orthodontist

    A valid prescription should have all of the following information legible:

    • Provider Name with NPI number
    • Provider's office contact information
    • Full Name of the Patient
    • Date of Issue and Length of Period
    • Type of CPAP equipment being prescribed
    • Your Pressure Settings. (Not required if prescription calls for automatic machines)

    Once we have your prescription on file, you do not have to send it in again for future orders unless it is expired.